New Translation: “Concerning Lay-Elders…”

Originally published on Feb 12, 2016

I have completed a new translation of the article “Concerning Lay-Elders or Parish Lay-Leaders” from an article by C.F.W. Walther in the 1858 issue of Lehre und Wehre. Walther was the editor of the publication at the time.  It was a primary theological journal of the Missouri Synod, intended for pastors and other theologians, as contrasted with Der Lutheraner, which Walther also edited, which was intended for a broader audience including laymen and which included more “church news” type articles in addition to theological content.

Find it perma-linked on the Missouriana page.

soli Deo gloria – MDN

UPDATE: Updated to Revision 1.1 due to a few grammar issues / typos.  (Thank you to Pastor Jay Webber)